Guest Blog – Stacy & Jeff do SE Asia (11 of 40)

elephant ride

burning butts and tongues…
“my butt is killing me and jeffs inner thighs are a burning…. we finally rode the chang.  his name was niompio, and was a male at the age of 30 years old.  we chose to go barback rather than the chair.  we were able to go for an 1 and a half, any long erwould have killed us both! but, we did it, we rode an elephant. 

we started through the dry forest, our helper dude ‘chicken’ on the head, stacy at the riens and jeff in the back holding on.  it was like riding the biggest horse ever – bareback… and then throw in the scaley ruff skin with three inch long hairs pointing into you.  and man was he slow!  and hungry. 

lets wok with tee

"lets wok with tee"

there was a few times when we both thought he was gonna roll us over so he could get to some food.  but after 45 minutes of riding on his back, we made it down to the river where he ‘bathed’ us with his trunk, and then doused us by rolling us over.  very intimidating the first few times feeling this giant elephant rolling over and sending you over too, only for him to maybe land on you.  but he didn’t. 

after riding him like a bronco and getting dumped on, we were completely drenched and cracking up.  great experience, but man were we sore the next two days….

‘let’s wok with tee!’  that was our cooking class.  we shopped around and went with this one.  when we arrived the first night just checking things out, we were immediately invited in to watch the current class going on and given whiskey and then served dinner…all for free. 

tee’s 34, from eastern thailand but went and holiday’d in pai 12 years ago and hasn’t left since, so he’s making his living through these classes. 

we started at 10am (no whiskey this early) and went over all the veggies and herbs most commonly used.  he realy just made you feel like you were at your own house, good tunes, casual and slow.  we picked out some curry pastes to make and then worked away. jeff made red curry paste which he turned into panang curry and i made masuman curry and dish. 

thai basil

thai basil

after 3 hours we had quite a feast.  then we took a break til 5:30 and returned to tee’s for stirfry.  we chilled a little more, drank some whiskey, got to know eachother a little more, learned all about sauces, and stir fried away… jeff made burnt red curry dish, i made holy basil with minced pork.  jeff then made our fav, green papaya salad, and i made tom yum soup… all along tee made dishes too that we picked out for him.  a great time, totally at our pace and retainable.  plus we’ve got a great cook book to go home with…..

we’ll have the dinner party when we get back and our in the mood for thai food again….”

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