Teriffic Vacation in Seaside, OR!

Seaside is a beautiful city located in Clatsop County, Oregon.  Seaside is a tourist hotspot because of its fabulous beaches, chic vacation homes, close proximity to Portland, and interesting events that occur throughout the year.  During the summer, you can watch the widely-known Hood-to-Coast Relay or the beach volleyball tournament; and during the winter, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and serene atmosphere.  You are bound to have a wonderful vacation experience in Seaside no matter what time of the year you visit!

The terrific beaches of Seaside will keep you coming back to this city.   Seaside Beach is a scenic, sandy beach with clear waters.  At the beach, you will find volleyball, sandcastles, swing sets, kites and much more!  Seaside Promenade is a beautiful two-mile long walkway along Seaside Beach that you must check out.  You can embark on a soothing, beautiful stroll and watch the sunset or relax and soak in the beauty of the beaches and the glow on the sand produced by the reflection of the street lamps.  You can also start a little fire and listen to the sounds of the waves at night for a truly romantic experience.

Two notable state parks are located near Seaside: Del Rey State Park to the north and Ecola State Park to the south.  At the beautiful Del Rey State Park, you can relax, watch the view of the ocean, and have a wonderful family picnic.  The famous Ecola State Park includes Indian Beach and has unrivaled views of the Oregon Coast.  The park also has a historic dimension to it because you can walk along the Clatsop Loop Trail that has footsteps of Captain Clark and his men.

Seaside offers a variety of sports including swimming, surfing, volleyball, golf, tennis, kite-flying, and crabbing at Seaside’s 12 Avenue Bridge.  Fishing is a popular pastime in the city—anglers will encounter steelhead, trout and salmon in the waters!

One of the prime attractions of Seaside is the Seaside Aquarium which is one of the oldest aquariums on the West Coast.  At the aquarium, you can feed the seals and observe fascinating, native sea creatures.  In some of the underwater areas, you can see some exotic life forms including a spectacular 20-Ray StarFish, a brutal Wolf-Eel, or a deadly Moray Eel.  The Seaside Aquarium is most definitely a fascinating place to check out during your terrific vacation at Seaside!

Seaside has a variety of scrumptious restaurants and eateries.  Fresh seafood and well-known Oregon wines are the specialties at restaurants in Seaside.  Doogers Seafood and Grill is a great restaurant for seafood and Guido & Vito’s Italian Cuisine is a superb Italian bistro.  Seaside is a fantastic city for a vacation for the whole family.  By staying at a beautiful beach house, and exploring the different aspects of this city, you are bound to have a terrific vacation!