The Perfect Wave of Oahu’s Legendary North Shore Beaches

The beautiful North Shore of Oahu is an exceedingly popular vacation destination in Hawaii.
Breakfast on the Balcony!The North Shore is renowned for its beaches that offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, stunning pineapple plantations, orchards, and enjoyable water-activities including world-class surfing. The area has legendary beaches including the Sunset Beach, Ehukai Beach, Waimea Bay, and Pupukea Beach The gorgeous beaches are ideal for swimming in the summer, snorkeling, picnicking, relaxing, and surfing. The beaches are a haven for surfers; in fact, if you were to envision a perfect wave, you are likely to find it at the beaches of Oahu’s North Shore where the waves are as picturesque as you can get! The seven mile long stunning beaches host some of the world’s leading surfing competitions including the Super Bowl of wave-riding and the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

2773305082_27c5f70fb2Oahu’s North Shore is comprised by several, unique communities. Waialua, one of the communities, is a beautiful town that promises a memorable vacation for everyone! Waialua has some of Hawaii’s most renowned beaches including the Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, a beautiful, verdant park by the Waianae Mountains, and the Haleiwa Aii Beach Park, a breathtaking beach park with dazzling blue waters, are located in Wailaua. The beaches are ideal for picnicking, reading, and unwinding—you can spend the entire day relaxing and appreciating the exceptional beauty of the beaches. In addition, you can go sailing, scuba diving, swimming, surfing, and you can enjoy the abundant life underwater by fishing and snorkeling! Moreover, Waialua has stunning rainforests, waterfalls, tropical orchards, and art galleries that you can visit. The ideal way to enjoy the Waialua’s exquisite natural beauty is to take an unforgettable helicopter ride around the island. Waialua is only 30 miles away from downtown Honolulu and it is a popular vacation destination among tourists. Tourists often stay at luxurious beach houses to feel at home away from home in this beautiful town of Oahu’s North Shore.

There is never a dull moment in this captivating area of Oahu! The North Shore offers an exceptional dining experience that caters to every taste. You can choose from a wide variety of options including a simple Hawaiian lunch, fresh, indigenous shrimp, casual sandwich shops, and exquisite, upscale restaurants of every cuisine. In addition, shopping is superb in the island as you can purchase quintessential and exclusive Hawaiian items such as home furnishings, gems, pearls, wonderful souvenirs, and clothing. At Oahu’s North Shore, you are bound to have an outstanding vacation experience! You are warmly welcome to stay at a beach house in one of the communities, such as Waialua, and enjoy the activities and beauty of this paradisiacal island.

A Happy Nook Winner!

West will be enjoying his new Nook on the beach is Southern California this year! Thanks again for your creative video of Santa by his vacation beach house in Dana Point!

West received his new Nook!

West received his new Nook!

10 Best Beach Moments in the Movies (now w/ less Bette Midler)

Did you ever see a commercial for a burger joint and say to yourself… “I’ve got to have that RIGHT NOW?” I’ve done it more than my fair share of times. And it doesn’t just happen with commercials either, sometimes a good movie can do it.
It happened to me late Spring where I saw a movie with a really good beach on it and I said to myself “I don’t have anything planned for the summer and I’m so going to the beach.” As I got to thinking about it, I realized that there were a bunch of very memorable beach scenes in movies and I decided that it’d be a great idea to compile a list. Here it is and I hope that it meets your satisfaction. Enjoy!

10. “Saving Private Ryan” (1998)

Ok, so not your typical “beach scene” but it is certainly the most memorable. It garners a spot because of its power and unflinching look at the heart of war. It also gets a spot because it is probably the single most important event in History to take place on a beach.

9. “Dr. No” 1962

The Bond franchise has spawned over 20 movies and therefore over 20 “Bond Babes”… but for all the excellent scenes of all of the films, none have quite the impact or richness of Ursula Andress walking out of the ocean in a bikini that has become part of pop culture and synonymous with sexy.

8. “Pirates of the Caribean: At Worlds End” 2007

So now let’s get this straight. You’re dead, your heart is stuck in a locker, you have to take command of an undersea ship where you help user lost souls into another world, and you only get to come to a desolate island once every 10 years?!?!? But you have Keira Knightly coming to visit you on your shore leave? Not a bad proposition.

7. “10” 1979

One of the most classic scenes featuring a beach in film history. If you’re over 30 than you likely remember this scene. The humor and appeal of Bo Derek running opposed to Dudley Moore has not diminished at all 30 years later.

6. “Top Gun” 1987

It’s about as classic and memorable a scene from the 80’s can get. The Kenny Loggins backtrack only makes things even more Reganesque. As I look back at it now I realize that the greatest special effect in the entire film is making it appear as if Tom Cruise is actually tall enough to pull off a spike.

5. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” 2004

A brilliant film about love and loss and the lengths that we will go to in order to shield ourselves from pain. Having erased each other from one another’s minds, Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) have killed the memories of each other. But as true love has a way of surviving in even the most tragic circumstances they manage to bring themselves back together again as Clementine tells Joel “Meet me in Montauk.” the beach where they met and shared some of their best times. Without memory of each other they manage to find love again.

4. “Cast Away” 2000

If there is one actor on this planet that can carry an entire movie where he exists by himself and his only co-star is a Volleyball, it would be Tom Hanks. Told in essentially 2 parts being about 4 years apart, the 2nd half of the story opens with a fish being speared and the camera pans out to see Tom Hanks, looking tan and guant, yards away on a beach. The viewer instantly realizes that he has overwhelmingly adapted to his environment and this beach has become his home.

3. “Point Break” 1991

I couldn’t find a video of the infamous “Beach Party Scene” where Keanu Reeves’ “Special Agent Johnny Utah” meets Lorri Petty’s “Tyler”. So instead I’ve left you with the next best thing… Reno 911 and Human Giants awesome attempt to remake “Point Break.” If you grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s you can see how cheesy and delightful Point Break was. The perfect Summer movie.

2. “Rocky III” 1982

Once bitter rivals, Rocky and Apollo Creed meet as friends and compatriots in Rocky III to help Rocky prepare to face the vicious and fearsome Clubber Lang (played with frightening conviction by Mr. T). To help Rocky prepare, Apollo sets him forth in one of the most quintessential training montages in film history, culminating with a beach run and frolic in the surf.

1. “From Here to Eternity” 1953

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most remarkable and memorable film scene including a beach has to be 1953’s “From Here to Eternity.” Featuring Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, this film made beach kissing seem infinitely romantic. Never mind the sand in odd places or salt water going in your ears and nose… this film made a spontaneous and passionate kiss on the beach the cornerstone of any great relationship.