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Nags Head is often described as a microcosm for the Outer Banks. A classic small-town fishing village on a remote barrier island in North Carolina, Nags Head is perfect for an Outer Banks beach vacation because of its convenient location and tourist-friendly atmosphere. This historic town is one of the Outer Banks largest, with plenty to do and see, including three fishing piers, a petting zoo, and an assortment of historic landmarks and local museums. Visit Nags Head and explore the Outer Banks with a beach rental. Learn more here!

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Nags Head Vacation Rentals In The Outer Banks

Nags Head Is Often Described As A Microcosm For The Outer Banks. A Classic Small-Town Fishing Village On A Remote Barrier Island In North Carolina, Nags Head Is Perfect For An Outer Banks Beach Vacation Because Of Its Convenient Location And Tourist-Friendly Atmosphere. This Historic Town Is One Of The Outer Banks Largest, With Plenty To Do And See, Including Three Fishing Piers, A Petting Zoo, And An Assortment Of Historic Landmarks And Local Museums. Visit Nags Head And Explore The Outer Banks With A Beach Rental.

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Courtesy of ShutterstockPeople often refer to the rest of the Outer Banks as "Nags Head" in the same way that people call Orange County part of LA, because Nags Head's rich history and natural beauty make it the premier destination in the Outer Banks for vacationers year-round. Not only is Nags Head one of the oldest townships in the area, but it is also the most recognizable of all the Northern Outer Banks vacation destinations.
As one of the nation's oldest and most cherished vacation spots, Nags Head first developed a reputation as a beautiful resort destination during the 19th century, a reputation it has kept until this day. With a golf course, three fishing piers, go-karts, waterslides, all-terrain vehicles, a petting zoo, bowling, and water sports, Nags Head has plenty of activities for everyone. This includes world-class deep-sea fishing and surf fishing for fishing enthusiasts!
Courtesy of ShutterstockIn Nags Head you can find, Jockey's Ridge, the East Coast's tallest sand dune measuring in at around 100 feet. At Jockey's Ridge you can explore nature trails, fly a kite, hang glide, or watch the sunset. Nags Head Woods, another natural retreat located close by, is a preserved maritime forest at the north end of Nags Head where retreat from the sun is a blessing while taking a nap in the shade.
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